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Congratulations to Marcela Metcalf, Lead Community Health Worker, who received her Medical Interpreting Certification from Truman Medical Centers. She dedicated 60 hours during her weekends to receive this certification — all to benefit the families she serves through Nurture KC’s Healthy Start program.

“I have been interpreting for families for a while, but I wanted to get certified. I put the training to use immediately when one on my participants was having a miscarriage. I was able to interpret over the phone while she was at the ER,” Marcela says. “Many hospitals offer interpretation services, but having a trusted person to help is much better and provides my moms with peace of mind. I interpret for families for various reasons, including children’s schools, WIC, clinics, hospitals, other nonprofits, jobs, Medicaid and sometimes quick court appearances online.”

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KCUR 89.3 interviewed our Executive Director, Tracy Russell, about improving local maternal outcomes and addressing racial disparities in health care. The interview was a result from Nurture KC’s annual event and newly released Maternal Morbidity Report (available to members at https://nurturekc.org/members/).

Listen to the interview at: Black Mothers More Likely To Die From Pregnancy-Related Causes | KCUR 89.3 – NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.

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Thanks to everyone who attended our annual event on how to improve local maternal outcomes. We appreciate Daysha Lewis (pictured with her kids) sharing her personal traumatic birth story and all our other speakers, including:
– Dr. Karen Florio with Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
– Dr. Tamela Ross with The Healing Corner KC
– Samantha Collinson, APRN with Truman Medical Centers
– Hakima Payne, RN with Uzazi Village
– Darcie Mendenhall, RN with Dreaming Tree Women’s Care
– Ashley Haden-Peaches, CD with Rodgers Health
– Tracy Russell, Executive Director of Nurture KC
Together, we can help more moms be healthy and safe through their pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum periods.

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Register to attend Nurture KC’s annual event on July 21 at https://nurturekc.org/annual-meeting-july-21-2021/. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Karen Florio. She will be discussing the HOPE Registry at St. Luke’s, implicit bias and how clinicians can push for culture change among their peers. You don’t want to miss this enlightening event! Anyone is welcome — community members, health care providers, case managers, policy makers and more.

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💗 Happy Father’s Day to these dads in our Healthy Start program … and dads everywhere! Congrats to these 5 dads for winning our Father’s Day contest where their families shared such sentiments as: “My dad is the best because he makes sure we have all that we need. He plays with us, loves us and protects us!” – Lewis family 💗
Learn more about Healthy Start at https://nurturekc.org/solutions/.

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The Emergency Rental Assistance Program can help families who rent their homes get caught up on past due rent and utility bills. We compiled a program overview for our Healthy Start families, but anyone can access it and benefit from the program … so please help us spread the word!

Program overview in English: https://nurturekc.org/emergency-rental-assistance

Program overview in Spanish: https://nurturekc.org/asistencia-de-emergencia-para-el-alquiler

Thanks to the United Way of Greater Kansas City for working with local organizations to implement the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Also, a big thank you to these orgs for providing assistance: Economic Opportunity Foundation, Journey to New Life, Metro Lutheran Ministry, Greater KC Housing Information Center, Guadalupe Centers, SAVE and the Community Assistance Council.

We’re #StrongerTogether!

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