KS Poll Results

How do Kansans feel about vaccines?

Data shows 95% of Kansas voters believe taking vaccines for such diseases as measles, mumps and polio is “extremely” or “very important” to maintaining good health. Even across political party lines, Kansas residents strongly believe wellness immunizations are safe, effective and important to stay healthy. It could be easy to think divisions over COVID-19 vaccine policies may lead to divisions over wellness vaccine policies. But Kansans are clear – they overwhelmingly support wellness vaccines, immunization requirements for children to attend schools and childcare, and leaving the authority of setting wellness vaccine policy to the state’s health department.

Check out results from this statewide survey, commissioned by Nurture KC, to learn true public opinion about immunizations in Kansas. Please Note: This presentation with comprehensive data and insights is only being made available to Nurture KC members and partners because it contains so much information. A shorter, summary version of survey results with key findings can be found on our Immunization page.