admin News November 18, 2016

More dedicated than ever (a letter to the MCHC membership)


Today, we at Mother & Child Health Coalition (MCHC) are more dedicated than ever to fulfilling our commitment to the families we serve. We find ourselves wondering just what the ramifications of the recent election will be. Will families still have access to the community supports they need to navigate the health insurance and health care system? Will advances that have been made in reducing infant mortality be reversed?


MCHC’s mission is to work together with community partners and families to promote wellness and advocate excellence in health care.  Our activities focus on education, advocacy, collaboration, assessment, networking and resource sharing.  Our priorities include infant mortality, access to care, childhood obesity reduction, breastfeeding, immunization and child safety. Our members come from over 200 organizations which serve families in the metropolitan area.


We work with our many partners in child care, health, education and the social services to improve conditions for families, particularly pregnant women and babies, so that they can have healthier, happier and more productive lives. Our families struggle to overcome many challenges around language, education, income inequality, housing, access to health care, addictions and incarceration. They have difficulties with transportation and child care so they can go to school and work to care for their families.


Our programs such as Kansas City Healthy Start have seen many successes in people’s lives, and improvements in the health of the community. The network of all the child and family-centered organizations in the KC metro area, of which we are a part, creates a powerful collective impact. We stand committed to continue to work together with all our partners and keep the trend moving towards health and wellness for all.


Every child deserves a healthy start.


Susan McLoughlin and the staff at Mother & Child Health Coalition

Our Legislative Priorities for 2017: