Nurture KC Hot Topics, News August 16, 2021

Employee Goes The Extra Mile For Families

Congratulations to Marcela Metcalf, Lead Community Health Worker, who received her Medical Interpreting Certification from Truman Medical Centers. She dedicated 60 hours during her weekends to receive this certification — all to benefit the families she serves through Nurture KC’s Healthy Start program.

“I have been interpreting for families for a while, but I wanted to get certified. I put the training to use immediately when one on my participants was having a miscarriage. I was able to interpret over the phone while she was at the ER,” Marcela says. “Many hospitals offer interpretation services, but having a trusted person to help is much better and provides my moms with peace of mind. I interpret for families for various reasons, including children’s schools, WIC, clinics, hospitals, other nonprofits, jobs, Medicaid and sometimes quick court appearances online.”