admin News January 22, 2019

During this iffy winter weather, we thought it would be good to remind all of our weather policy:

If Kansas City, MO schools are closed due to WEATHER ISSUES (not water main breaks or other issues) then all MCHC meetings are automatically canceled.  This includes Quarterly meetings for MCHC, Safe Kids, Mid America Immunization Coalition, the Breastfeeding Coalition, and all other programs, Board and committee meetings, etc.

If there is any question, check the local news to see if KCMO schools are closed before heading out to a meeting. If they are, the meeting is not going to happen. Most likely you will NOT get any sort of message or notification from us, unless the decision is made the day before the weather event occurs, and this is highly unlikely.

This policy is intended to protect the staff and all our attendees from possible injury. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.