Nurture KC Hot Topics, News August 17, 2022

One mom’s story of going ‘Back to the Vax’

The Mid America Immunization Coalition (MAIC) hosted a webinar featuring a former anti-vax mom, who is now pro-immunization. Lydia Greene shared her moving journey. Here’s a snippet …

“I fell for the anti-vax rhetoric and into the rabbit hole of vaccine misinformation. SIDS, autism, allergies. I became consumed by awful stories without scientific backing. I believed these parents and supposed health professionals. I believed I was saving my child,” Lydia says. “Then I started reading scientific rebuttals to many of the talking points I heard over and over. The facts and evidence don’t lie. Although it took some time, I pulled myself out of fear, did the research and learned the facts. I talked with a nurse who worked with me to get my kids back on track with vaccines. Now, I no longer feel nervous. I’m just happy to protect the health of my kids through immunization.”

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