Nurture KC News November 18, 2021

Why We Ask for Your Support this Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30)

How did Maddie go from “in the street and lost in life” to breaking the cycle of poverty and now thriving?

Maddie carved out a better life through the support of Nurture KC’s Healthy Start program and her community health worker, Shanice, within the program. Maddie enrolled in Healthy Start when she was pregnant with her first daughter. Welcoming baby Lehani into the world spurred Maddie to make her goals a reality with guidance from Shanice. Maddie left her part-time, low-wage job for a full-time job with benefits. She now works in customer service for an insurance company and does so from home. Shanice also taught Maddie how to care for her child – as a newborn, then infant, then toddler. Life was happy and stable with bills being paid and a roof over their heads.

Unfortunately, the road turned bumpy again when Maddie struggled with postpartum depression after welcoming another daughter, Camila. Once again, Shanice was by Maddie’s side. She connected Maddie with services to overcome her depression. Shanice was a consistent, positive presence in her life. Maddie and her husband also strengthened their relationship and their family flourished. They overcame the odds, and even recently purchased their first home where they will spend Christmas as a family of four!

Will you help Nurture KC build bright futures this holiday season? With your financial support, we can rally behind moms like Maddie and change lives. Our Healthy Start program is unique, as it connects each of our moms one-on-one with a community health worker to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Last year, we served 346 families! Now, more than ever, we can use your support. Thank you for your consideration and generosity this Giving Tuesday. Give at https://nurturekc.org/givingtuesday/.