admin News May 24, 2018

At the May 11 Annual Meeting, Mother & Child Health Coalition’s Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative presented two organizations with the Employer Support for Nursing Mothers award. This award recognizes employers in the Kansas City metropolitan area that provide workplace support to their employees who are breastfeeding (nursing).

The silver level award was presented to Nicholas Sanders, Director of Human Resources for the City of Leawood, Kansas. The silver level award was also presented to Meera Mahalingam, Assistant to City Manager for the City of Kansas City, Missouri for their departments of Aviation, Convention and Entertainment, Parks and Recreation, and Water Services.

Taking an interest in the most nutritious and natural method of infant feeding, the Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative works across state lines and among diverse partners in the Kansas City region to educate and advocate regarding the importance of breastfeeding in all sectors of the community.

Congratulations to the City of Leawood, and the City of Kansas City, Missouri on this accomplishment.

Kristin Schlenk, Jackson County Health Department, presented the Employer Support for Nursing Mothers award to Nicholas Sanders, City of Leawood (top) and Meera Mahalingam, City of Kansas City Missouri, on behalf of the Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative.

To learn more about this award, and to apply, please visit the Breastfeeding page at http://mchc.net/us/committees/

For a complete list of all metro area organizations that have achieved this award, CLICK HERE.