admin News March 13, 2019

Elizabeth Cooley is originally from Texas City, Texas, and moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2017. She lived with her grandparents until she met the father of her child. They quickly moved in together and things were great until she found out she was pregnant. When Elizabeth told the father that she was pregnant, he got very upset and left her stranded with no place to go. She couldn’t go back to her grandparents because they too were upset at the fact that she was pregnant. Elizabeth was left lost without a place to stay. She eventually found some friends who offered her a place to live, even though the living conditions were nearly intolerable. Every day she struggled to access food and basic necessities, as well as prenatal care.

Elizabeth found the Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative in an ad book she picked up at the Location One building, where the KCHSI office is housed, and contacted us to set up an appointment. After her scheduled appointment, she moved into a new home with a bed that almost miraculously became available at a local maternity house.  Elizabeth is now 19 weeks pregnant and is finishing school, has her driving permit, got accepted into a college, is on her way to having a job and has high hopes of moving into her own apartment. She is now doing amazing and has accomplished all of her goals. With the support of the Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative, and the maternity home, she is now on her way to a successful life and is anxiously waiting to meet her baby.

Submitted by Shanice Taylor
KCHSI Community Health Worker