admin News March 5, 2015

Kansas City, MO: Mid America Immunization Coalition will hold a quarterly membership meeting:

 Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015

Time: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Location:   Rockhurst University Community Center

5401 Troost Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64110


Kansas City, MO: We are in the midst of what has become a national controversy: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate for the measles. Everyone, qualified or not, is weighing in – parents, professional organizations, physicians, TV personalities and even politicians. Scientifically, there is no controversy. Vaccines work! The measles vaccine is very safe, very effective and very necessary.

Join us at the Mid America Immunization Coalition’s Quarterly meeting March 5th and hear from experts in the field of vaccines.

Measles Outbreak Update:

William Atkinson, M.D., MPH
Associate Director of Immunization Education
Immunization Action Coalition, Saint Paul, Minn.


Learn the “Human and Economic Burden of Four Major Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in KCMO and the 5 County Metro Area”

John M. McLaughlin, PhD, MSPH
Medical Director, Pfizer Inc.

Mid America Immunization Coalition is a program of Mother & Child Health Coalition

Mid America Immunization Coalition is a program of Mother & Child Health Coalition (MCHC). MCHC promotes the health of mothers and children through community planning, education, advocacy and collaboration with organizations addressing infant mortality, immunization, childhood obesity, and child safety. More information about this meeting is available from Regina Weir, MAIC program coordinator,

at (816) 283-6242, ext. 244 or on our website at www.mchc.net.
Photo and interview opportunities will be available.