admin News April 12, 2018

Your valuable financial and in-kind support helps us continue our many programs and activities. Heart-felt thanks to the following individual members and organizational partners joining or renewing their membership during the period of January – February – March, 2018. Please let us know of any errors or omissions. We appreciate you!

New Individual Members: Sarah Czech, Abigail Filley, Mary Anne Lytle, Kathleen McNaghten, Christi Smith, Keri Williams

Renewing Individual Members: Anne Biswell, Lauren Grimes, Heather Keitges, Michel Martin, Maria O’Sullivan, Jodi Petersen, Laura Rupp, Lynn Schmidt, Victoria Smith, Barbara Spaw, Amy Stout, Carey Van Kirk, Tricia Walania

Renewing Organizational Members:  The Family Conservancy – Paula Neth, Katrina Minter