admin News April 13, 2018

The Kansas City Safe Haven for Newborns Coalition made it a goal this year to secure proclamations from both states, Kansas and Missouri. Governors Eric Greitens (MO) and Jeff Colyer (KS) signed the proclamations, making Thursday, April 5, 2018, the first Safe Haven for Newborns Day statewide. This helps to spread awareness that Safe Haven laws exist to save lives – to protect infants from abandonment or death, and to protect the parent from prosecution. A parent who is unable or unwilling to take care of their infant can relinquish the baby, up to 45 days old, at a Safe Haven location without having to answer any questions. The child will be turned over to the division of family services and will be placed in a loving home.

Since the group has been tracking relinquishments, these are the statistics: MO- 37; KS- 8; KC metro: 4.

To learn more, visit Safe Haven for Newborns

In addition to Kansas and Missouri, the cities of Independence and Kansas City, Missouri, and Shawnee, KS also issued Safe Haven for Newborns Day proclamations. Many thanks to all who helped with this project.

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