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We currently have two positions available, one full time and one part time.

1) Position Title: Community Health Worker (CHW) – 1 full-time position available
The CHW is responsible for the care coordination and case management of families enrolled in the Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Enrolls and case manages yearly at least 50 pregnant or postpartum women and their infants up to two years of age, and their families, on a home-visiting model
  • Assists with the on-going care coordination to pregnant and postpartum women and infants up to two years and their families
  • Administers depression screens to program participants and makes appropriate referral
  • Assures referral and/or enrollment of program participants and their families in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act in greater Kansas City
  • Develops a plan of care with the program participant and modifies plan when appropriate
  • Provides assistance in locating, expediting, and coordinating medical and psycho-social services which are culturally appropriate
  • Prepares monthly reports for the Evaluation Team
  • Recruits program participants to participate in the Community Action Network
  • Assists with providing referral resources to significant other males and fathers of the children enrolled in the program

 Education Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing

Qualification Requirements:

  • At least 5 years’ experience working in the maternal and child area
  • Familiarity with the neighborhood services
  • Experience with grassroots organizations and coalescing neighborhoods and their residents
  • Ability to work effectively with project staff and to be a team player
  • Capacity to maintain full confidentiality of program participant information and data

 Minimum Qualifications:  The Community Health Worker should be very familiar with the community service area and urban neighborhoods, and comfortable working with a diverse population. Ability to work independently to achieve program goals. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

Supervision received from:  KCHSI Program Manager

Full Time position with competitive salary and benefits. Open until filled.  To apply, send a letter of interest and a copy of your résumé to info@mchc.net

MCHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).  The Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative is a program of Mother & Child Health Coalition. www.mchc.net


2) Position Title: Fetal Infant Mortality Review Coordinator

Position Summary: This half-time position provides overall coordination and management of the Kansas City FIMR program.

Reports To: Executive Director, Mother & Child Health Coalition

The Kansas City Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (KC-FIMR) is a community process that continually assesses the service system and community resources for women, infants, and families with the intent of improving services and systems. The KC-FIMR process brings together key members of the community to review information from individual cases of fetal and infant death in order to identify the factors associated with those deaths, determine if they represent system problems that require change, develop recommendations for change and assist in the implementation of change. KC-FIMR will coordinate activities to monitor and investigate fetal-infant mortality, examine potential service gaps and recommend further investigations and prevention efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate all activities of the Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Process for Kansas City Missouri
  • Assure bereavement support is offered to mothers
  • Provide guidance, leadership and coordination for procedures, meetings and events related to the FIMR process in Kansas City including:

Medical Records Abstraction

  • Abstracting case information of vital statistics and medical records; and
  • Developing case summaries for fetal and infant death to be reviewed by the KC-FIMR Case Review Team (CRT).
  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with the leadership of the KC-FIMR collaborative partners including the state and local health departments and local Medical Examiner.

Home Interviewing

  • Finding, contacting and interviewing the mother who has experienced the loss of a fetus or infant;
  • Gathering additional case information as needed;
  • Maintaining working relationship with agencies and local providers;
  • Integrating information from home interviews into the development of case summaries

Case Review Team (CRT)

  • Provide staff support to the Chairperson of the CRT;
  • Prepare materials and coordinating meeting arrangements for FIMR case review meetings;
  • Assist with the review and analysis of information from the medical abstractions and home interviews;
  • Work with CRT to summarize findings and create recommendations to improve the community’s service delivery system and resources;
  • Recruit appropriate CRT members

Support the Community Action Team (CAT) and the relevant MCHC committees/task forces in the following areas:

    • Facilitate the sharing of the recommendations made by the case review team;
    • Participate on the CAT to develop appropriate community action plans with interventions to improve services and resources;
    • Participate in the Kansas City Kansas FIMR CRT and CAT;
    • Develop and maintain effective working relationship with the leadership of the KCMO Health Commission Birth Outcomes Monitoring Committee and Healthy Communities Wyandotte County Community Health Council;
    • Prepare KC-FIMR related documents, including reports and presentations and submit all reports in a timely manner.
    • Collect and maintain Kansas City Metro Area Infant Mortality related data base to include in annual community dashboard report.

Required Qualifications:

  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in nursing, social work or related field
  • Three years professional experience, preferably in in obstetrics and pediatrics, neonatology or perinatology
  • Familiar with chart review and home visiting
  • Computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and Power Point)
  • Proficient with Data Base management, including SPSS software
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience with data collection, presentations and report writing
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail
  • Efficient implementation of time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to identify and recruit members that reflect diversity, influence and commitment to improve services
  • Ability to work with diverse groups including consumers, professionals and agencies that provide services or community resources for families, community advocates and pastoral counselors

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s or doctoral degree in public health, nursing, social work, or closely related field
  • Five to ten years professional and administrative experience
  • Clinical background in pediatrics, obstetrics, neonatology or perinatology
  • Experience in home visiting, community outreach, case finding, or conducting interviews
  • Training in bereavement counseling
  • Experience with grant funded projects
  • Bi-lingual in Spanish and English

To apply for this position, send a copy of your resume and a cover letter indicating your experience and interest, to info@mchc.net. Note: applications received without a letter will not be considered. 

MCHC is an equal-opportunity employer.