Nurture KC Hot Topics, News October 6, 2020

Immunization news: Free flu clinics & Kansas Citians share their stories

With several school districts heading back to in-person learning this week, the time is right to remind the public to get their flu shots. Nurture KC is offering 10 free drive-through flu clinics throughout Kansas City in partnership with Walgreen’s, which has provided the vaccines. The next clinic is Wednesday, Oct. 7, at St. James United Methodist in Kansas City, Mo. See the entire clinic schedule here.

“Each October the Mid America Immunization Coalition (MAIC), which is an entity of Nurture KC, coordinates free flu clinics for underserved populations within the KC metro,” says Tracy Russell, Executive Director of Nurture KC. “This effort has never been more important than this flu season with COVID-19 cases on the rise across Kansas City. It’s a scary scenario. We want to help people prepare and want everyone to have the chance to be vaccinated if they choose. Quite simply, vaccines save lives.”

Nurture KC shows how immunizations save lives through a new immunization story bank on its web site featuring these local stories:

Andy Marso – “I almost died from Meningitis”

Jenny Dioszeghy – “My infant got Measles”

Curtisha Anderson – “Lupus weakens my immune system and puts me at risk”

“The bacterial infection had released toxins which were burning through my blood vessels. Blood could not get to my extremities. Three weeks later, when I woke up (from a coma), my limbs were in bad shape – essentially rotting away while still being attached to my body,” says Marso. “I’ll never forget when my bandages were removed and I saw what was left of my hands and feet for the first time. Awful doesn’t begin to describe it … Nothing could prepare me for the experience.”

Nurture KC promotes family health through community planning, education, advocacy and collaboration with organizations addressing infant and maternal mortality, immunization and child safety. Nurture KC is committed to health equity for all families – regardless of race, place or circumstance.