Nurture KC Hot Topics, News March 27, 2020

Even though Coronavirus (COVID-19) has shut down businesses, schools and life as we know it, Nurture KC is still assisting the families we serve through our Healthy Start program. Appointments between our Community Health Workers and program participants are still taking place as scheduled, but now mainly via phone and video conferencing (very limited in-person visits). We are still distributing diapers monthly to our participants and connecting them with the community resources they need now more than ever – as many of our families are facing job/income loss.

Although Nurture KC is deemed an “essential business,” we are following the 30-day “stay-at-home” order currently in effect from Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas. We are working remotely, conducting virtual meetings and finding new ways to support our different initiatives and serve our participants. For example, a Coronavirus Resources page has been added to the Family Portal on the Nurture KC web site so families can easily access important information in both Spanish and English.

“While Missouri and Kansas are taking some extraordinary steps to alleviate Coronavirus’ negative impact, particularly on the underserved, it is an assortment of services at the local level that must deliver continuity of care in maintaining a safety net for families,” says Nurture KC Executive Director, Tracy Russell. “We are looking at ways in which we may provide extra help in sustaining our families. Also, we understand maintaining our one-on-one connections with our moms and families is crucial to their well-being, and we’ll be here for them every step of the way.”



Nurture KC Community Health Worker, Marcela Metcalf, gets diapers ready for Healthy Start program participants.