admin News March 24, 2016

Turn Our City Blue

Wearing BLUE in Kansas City for child abuse prevention – Friday, April 8!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and child advocacy groups are gearing up for lots of special events during the month. Many thanks to The Kansas City Star for once again publishing in-kind, a calendar of all these events on Saturday, March 26. Click here for a list of events:  2016_Child_Abuse_Prevention_Calendar

Please show your commitment to Child Abuse Prevention Month and our shared responsibility to keep kids safe by registering to wear BLUE on our website.  It is not just about wearing BLUE, but even more importantly, it’s about telling people WHY you are wearing BLUE on Friday, April 8. This is a simple way we all can all make a difference, educating one person at a time. It only takes a few minutes to register your name and it doesn’t cost a cent!

Click on the link below to register to wear BLUE on Friday – April 8, and please share this message with your co-workers, friends, neighbors and families: http://preventchildabusekc.org/wearblue.html

PHOTO CONTEST: Take a photo of yourself or your group in blue and send it to Brook Town at wearbluekc@gmail.com. The two photos with the most LIKES will win delicious treats from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Mission, KS! Prizes will be determined on Friday, April 8, Wear Blue Day.

Did you know that in the spring of 1989, a grandmother from Virginia began the BLUE ribbon campaign as a tribute to her grandson, a three-year-old who died at the hands of his mother’s abusive boyfriend? Since that time, concerned citizens all over the country have worn BLUE as a symbol of the need to prevent child abuse.

We are asking all citizens who care about children and their safety to pledge to wear BLUE on Friday, April, 8 – Wear Blue Day!